Sunday, February 3, 2013

More Feminist Bullshit

It has been brought to my attention: that more and more key players in the MRM hoax are simply rehashing feminist ideals and philosophies.

excessive praise of left wing politics.
antagonizing of right wing politics.
excessive praise of gay men.
antagonizing straight men.
antagonizing patriarchal religions.
excessive praise of atheism.
hatred of traditionalism: more specifically: to bash right wing politics or religion: funny isn't it: how people who were not alive many years ago know exactly what life was like so many years ago.

I am gathering clips and essays: the list is overwhelming.

Any MRA reading this will probably say to their self: gee, he is lying: he is making this up: or worse: they will openly admit that feminists (man-haters) were correct about many things.

To those who doubt I say this: open wide: I am going to shove a truck load of feminism and MRAism right down your throat in the near future: and you will not notice a difference in the flavor.

To those who support feminism: which most MRAs do: they just do not realize it: because they equate traditionalism with feminism: you are no friend of men: you are a friend of male hatred.

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  1. You do understand that many people are already aware of this don't you?