Friday, January 4, 2013

The Next Logical Step

Feminism is poisoning Atheism

Paul Elam is a Joke

Yeah: and fascism poisoned the Nazi party.

Mens Rights Movement

These left wing apologists and atheist apologists get funnier and funnier by the minute.

Let's see here: what else can I come up with to match Darth Elam's rapier wit:

Racism is poisoning the KKK.
Sexism is poisoning the feminists.
Idiots are poisoning the MRM (which is all in my head).
Lard is poisoning David Futrelle.
Poison is poisoning rat poison.

Who put poison in my poison?



I do not know who to feel sorry for: the fuckwits who call themselves MRA's: or the feminists.

How about neither: they are all human trash.

God damn: I never laughed so hard in my life!!!