Monday, October 15, 2012

MRAs and the MRM: its all in my mind!

Fidelbogen is one of the wackiest craziest guys I know!  Here is twat he wrote about me: appropriately written in sweet-pink:

notanmra: Your obsession with "MRA" and "MRM" is totally misplaced.

These things are fictional constructs of your mind, and nothing more.

You are very much like a feminist in that way.

So: all those blogs and people writing mindless rehashings of feminazi tripe: WHO CLEARLY CALL THEMSELVES THESE THINGS: are all my imagination.

I tell you: I never laughed so hard in my life.  I was drinking my morning gin getting ready to count beans: and I spit it out all over the company computer.

Fidelbogen: one wild and crazy guy!

And oh yeah: I am the one who is like the feminists.

Well fidelbogen sir: this blog is going to dedicate itself to digging up old feminist essays: you will see just how wrong you are.  It is the MRAs and the MRM that are like the feminists: I suspect you already know this though: and are scared of what I am going to reveal.

Did you know that Andrea Dworkin's admittedly FAGGOT husband wrote about how "men think with their dicks"?

And: so did Darth Elam.

Read the shit at the top of this blog: the MRM exists: it is fourth wave feminism.

Fidelbogen: I gotta love you: you are one crazy bastard!