Friday, January 4, 2013

The Next Logical Step

Feminism is poisoning Atheism

Paul Elam is a Joke

Yeah: and fascism poisoned the Nazi party.

Mens Rights Movement

These left wing apologists and atheist apologists get funnier and funnier by the minute.

Let's see here: what else can I come up with to match Darth Elam's rapier wit:

Racism is poisoning the KKK.
Sexism is poisoning the feminists.
Idiots are poisoning the MRM (which is all in my head).
Lard is poisoning David Futrelle.
Poison is poisoning rat poison.

Who put poison in my poison?



I do not know who to feel sorry for: the fuckwits who call themselves MRA's: or the feminists.

How about neither: they are all human trash.

God damn: I never laughed so hard in my life!!!


  1. Well, glad you got a laugh out of it. I'll have to watch it when I get home - as my work now blocks youtube...

    And the article on AVFM links to a youtube video...

  2. I watched the video - bland and tedious as expected.

    Why do you call this post, "The Next Logical Step"?

  3. I have no idea what are you talking about, since i am atheist and hate the left and all the surrounding bullshit. Just because the majority of atheists happen to be left wing idiots, it doesnt mean one is inherent to another, like your strawman statements seem to lead to.

  4. Richard: apologizing for atheism is the next step the mrm will take: atheists and the leftists brought us feminism: all the mrm is is a continuation of it: and trying to protect its own ass: by occassionally pointing out how bad feminism is and the damage it has done.

    One thing you will not see is a mrm post about how bad atheism is: or how bad liberalism is: because those people ARE the feminists: like rats: they are on the run and trying to cover up their own misdeeds.

  5. @Deuche that is wrinkled or whatever:

    I am not surprised you have no idea what I am talking about: anybody named douche probably wouldn't.

    "i am an atheist and hate"

    thats all i needed to hear.

    "Just because the majority of atheists happen to be left wing idiots, it does not mean one is inherent to another".

    bullshit: it does mean exactly that.

    And dueche de' bag: this post was not an attack on atheism: it was a fun poke at the morons rights movement: apologizing for the actions of atheists now: and claiming that feminism is all of the sudden polluting atheism.

    feminism sprang from atheism.

    deal with it deuche.

  6. More and more I'm coming to believe that the MRM---a least its self-appointed leadership---is really embracing a neo-feminism.

    Feminism is largely a secular religion itself, by definition they can't support a 'patriarchal religion.' An atheist might be a sincere MRA, but no true feminist can ever be a sincere religious believer. To this end, they promote atheism but also attempt to co-opt religions, and this has happened in some Christian sects. Other Christian sects they try to bring down with fake scandals and Islam, of course, is impervious to feminism so they resort to conquest and social engineering in Islamic countries.

    The reasons for this are complex, but it basically has to do with eliminating the gender polarity that most religious traditions teach. Even Andrea Dworkin admitted that feminist gender supremacy can't succeed in a culture where gender polarity is recognized, no much legal equality women have. So destroying such religions is part and parcel of their overall policy.

    1. Feminism is not a religion: the mrm: or fourth wave feminism is trying to convince you that it is. Actually: they have already succeeded.

      It is their way of invalidating religions: the patriarchal ones.

      they have succeeded in putting this crap into your head.

      gender polarity is not something enforced just by religion: it is enforced by nature and the laws of God as well.

      It is certainly something that the feminists have tried and succeeded at warping.

      The mrm has already and will continue to attack all patriarchal religions.

      They will not attack Buddhism and the other non-patriarchal religions.

      Wait and watch.

  7. OK smarty pants - then what is the next step going to be after this one?

    1. apologizing for the psychological field.

      this has already started: Paul Elam and Angry Harry are both psychologists: i think that TDOM and some others are too.

      doesn't it strike you as odd that so many psychologists seem to fester to this crap like flies to shit: think about it.

      their brains do not work right: because they wasted their time getting degrees in rubbish: now they are lost souls: looking for somewhere to belong: but even the feminism that was preached to them is too revolting.

      The claim to despise it: yet mimic it at every turn.

      Leopards do not change their spots.

      They are part of the "brainwashing" that you keep screeching about.

    2. Care to place a wager?

      I bet they don't attack the psychological field - ever.

  8. You're very confused. Feminism sprung entirely from communism, and every following wave after that was encouraged and intensified by the Frankfurt School.
    Considering that feminism was well and alive as far back as the 19th century (when atheism had no political power) one is left to wonder who is to blame. This intentional misinformation is why I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt you're a Jewish apologist.

    Feminism and communism are one and the same thing known as cultural marxism - a method of attack by Jews as written in their Talmund.
    Your views that Nazism was fascism exposes your support of Jews. You are nothing more than a Jewish apologist who probably also believes in the Holohoax. Just like the left on the MRA attack "traditionalism" thereby exposing their moral degeneracy, you have exposed your stupidity by going after atheism when the real culprit is cultural Marxism as enacted by the Jews.

    You also buy into the bogus concept of "racism" another "ism" invented by the Jew. Goodness, there's no end to egalitarians Jew-apologists like you, is there?

    You are in the same pile as the leftist, divisive and a weapon of Jewish Marxism.

  9. MRA doesn't stand for men..
    It reinforces every gender stereotypes against men