Saturday, February 9, 2013

The MRM (Mental Retard Movement) and "Traditionalism"

Traditionalism does not exist.

It exists only in the minds of those who speak of it: and takes the form of whatever academic (i.e. non-realistic, hypothetical, sponge-headed, reclusive and isolated) stance the writer or speaker wishes.

I offer an example for your mind: Feminists believed that "Traditionalism" was women being hand-cuffed to stoves: not being allowed to have jobs: not being allowed to vote: not being allowed to own land.

All of those are false.

Notice now: that the "head cheeses" in the MRM (Mental Retard Movement) have defined "traditionalism" using their own empty-headed philosophies.

To them: it is near kindred to what the feminists thought: only it casts men into the role of perpetual victim instead of women.

Yes: there can be no denying this: the MRM (Mental Retard Movement) hates "traditionalism".

OK: you are right: and I am wrong: the MRM (Mental Retard Movement) does not hate "traditionalism": just as feminists do not hate rape.  The dark fact is: they love it.

Without "traditionalism": the MRM (Mental Retard Movement) would have no excuse to bash right wing politics: just like the feminazi's did.  The feminazi's love rape: because without it: they cannot bash men and cast themselves as victims: they love domestic violence for the same reasons.

I'll give these morons credit where credit is due: they get to kill two birds with one stone: they suggest that "traditionalism" was bad for men: and that only "right-wing" people: or conservatives: actually uphold it.


Men and Women on both sides of the political spectrum support "traditionalism".  This is because there is no such thing.  "Traditionalism" takes whatever form the speaker or writer wishes it to take.

Therefore: a feminist will hate "traditionalism" because they believe it meant women being chained to stoves while somebody who has a more "romanticized" cerebration of it will be a rabid supporter of it.

A Mentally Retarded Asswipe will hate "traditionalism" because they have read essay after essay in the "man-o-sphere" claiming it is a bad thing: and only "conservatives" (i.e. right-wing people: republicans) actually support it.

So: we see a repeated theme in the Mental Retard Movement:

"Traditionalism" is bad.
Conservatives are bad for supporting it.

Feminists were EXACTLY the same way: they hated "conservatism" because of "traditionalism".  Their definition of traditionalism was based on their own HER-story revisions of it.  We now see the same thing happening in the MRM: a hatred of "conservatism" or right-wing politics (i.e. republicans) because of "traditionalism": something that is ill defined in 500+ word essays I'd like to wipe my ass with.

The whole thesis of my blog: the MRM is 4th wave feminism.

Every essay that appears in the man-o-sphere re-enforces this: Fidelbogus, Darth Elam, and many other "head cheeses" have all bashed traditionalism and right-wing politics.  This is exactly what the feminists did.

I am glad I am not into taking "red pills": otherwise: I'd be running around: pretending to be against feminism: while my every word and action would simply reinforce the fact that I was a feminist.

I offer this link to a book written by two authors from the MuffingtonBoast.

My message to anybody calling themself an MRA:

Try thinking for yourself: instead of letting pill-popping morons do it for you.

ALSO: it is my understanding that over at the Death Star (avfm), many of the writers are now admitted lesbians who were sexually traumatized at a young age (something that looks like a girl writes squat, and typhon blue: just to name two).

You idiots in the MRM need to wake up and realize what has happened to you:  you are now supporters of feminism: and you are being led by the same queer bitches that led feminism.



  1. This is a general problem with the manosphere: an unwillingness/inability to rigidly nail down what a word or phrase means.

    So, it just becomes insider code that doesn't allow for communication beyond a certain point.

  2. Holy crap - Watch this -

    Bernard Chapin has similar views as you...

    ANd I agree too - WTF is traditionalism.

    1. I just watched it. More people: men: are waking up to this stuff.

      the mens rights movement is 4th wave feminism.

      Darth Elam will not succeed. I did some investigation of him: he had a very bad experience in the army: I chose to not publish my findings on him: believe it or not: I pity that fool.

      He is a gay rights activist: not in the corner of heterosexual men.

    2. Yeah - it is removed - my list of female pedophiles.

      take a look for yourself...

  3. Notanmra:
    Now, they're coming completely full-circle and blaming feminist misandry on the failings of men:

    "Men have permitted women to become morons. It is the lazy man, who being stupid and irration himself...who is responsible for misandry in large part...
    "If they weren't chasing skirt, playing the fool, adoring women's frivolities and girlish sexual displays, then women would have no hold over them."

    The editor here remarks that 'she is dead right about all this', although Elam wrote a rather unconvincing 'rebuttal' today that blamed men just about as much.

    A year ago, I would have doubted the 4th Wave Feminism theory, but there's no denying it any longer.

    1. I found this to be disturbing


      “Men have permitted women to become morons.”
      Duh! Of course! It’s all the fault of the menz!

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 5


      Paul Elam in reply to MrWombat

      Not entirely. They often have help from others that would rather men didn’t spine up to the mirror.


      Accountability is a bitch, but then again maybe it is a bastard.

      (YES - MEN ARE BAD)

      On another note, that is the second post in a row where you seem to have a chip on your shoulder, the first one being your prediction I would be kicked off my own site or leave within two years.


      State your case or get the fuck out. I won’t tolerate your sniping for a second.


      You have twenty four hours.

      (NAW - JUST LEAVE)

      6oodfella was right on when he called it, "A Voice for Minions".

      Most comments never get thumbed down - unless they want to hold women accountable for their actions.

      I know for a fact that I did not "let" any woman become a moron.

    2. @Eric: if you examine the feminists from the 1960's carefully and leave any pills out of your mind: and look at the MRM essays: you will see little difference.

      the concept is the same: men are broken: men need to be fixed: men are fuck monsters: men only lust not love

      @Richard: You missed some things: Dean ASSmay ripped some good farts:

      You aren’t paying any goddamned attention at all if you haven’t watched the videos.

      (you aren’t the only one talking about this without actually, y’know, watching it.)

      what an assmay.

      and let us not forget Darth Elam:

      I have been called a misogynist a thousand times (at least) for dissenting from feminism. And for expecting women to be accountable for their words and actions.

      The whole purpose of the videos and essay is trying to blame men for women being morons instead of blaming women.

      Darth Elam proves that he is not only impotent: but a complete moron as well.

      and the best for last: check out KellyJonesOO's site:

      talk about seriously fucking whacked out ass nut burger from hell.

      where the fuck does Darth Elam dig up these clowns?