Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MRA's ARE Feminists

There is no difference: and it is becoming more and more clear.

The reason that feminism is so prolific: is that: the people fighting are doing nothing of the sort: they are in fact enforcing it even more.

I stumbled on this at mantits place:
The little kid from Sex Trek the next Penetration: Wil Wheaton said this about the faggot MRA's:

The Men’s Rights crowd are the biggest bunch of idiots I have ever accidentally noticed in my life.

Amen brother Wheaton: Amen.

One MRA's response: from the picture above:

Wil Wheaton has never had to live life as a regular man.  He has never been treated by women as a regular man.  He IS a privileged white male.  All those things that feminists say that white men have that we recognize are actually really only reserved for RICH white men?  Well.  He's a rich white male.  So.  What do you expect?  Perspective?  LOL.  He has media to sell and pussy to pander to for approval, hanglowstankin, and profit.

When feminists were rejected by women: or by men: their response would be no different.

You don't understand because you are privileged.

The ass clown also bashes him: assuming he is straight: is he straight: or is he gay?

This is typical white heterosexual male hatred at work.

It is coming from the MRM: not feminism.