Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MRAs: Take your Red Pills, and your Blue Pills, and Shove 'Em up your Arse

One re-occuring theme among Mentally Retarded Asswipes (MRAs) and the Mental Retard Movement (MRM) and other queers (MGTOWs) is the she-bang about red pills and blue pills.
I like The Matrix as much as the next guy: except for that militant vegan looking lesbian character. I liked the second one better: except for that militant vegan looking lesbian, and I enjoyed the third one as well: except for that militant vegan looking lesbian.
One question I keep asking myself: Why the red-pill analogy? At first glance, the "social engineers" behind the Mental Retard Movement (MRM) would have us believe that we are all in some kind of a trance: and that we need to wake up to reality: reality being how much male-hatred exists in the legal system and whatnot.

This is a lie.

We need to wake up to how much male hatred exists as much as we need to: wake up and realize that the sky is blue: wake up and realize that the Earth revolves around the sun: wake up and realize there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny.
The reason the "red pill" analogy is used is to place the allusion that people who are against said inequalities against men are a bunch of shut-in science fiction nerds who are detached from reality. In other words, people who stand against said injustices are in fact, detached from reality: this gives the erroneous aura of said people as being detached from reality, and hence: such injustices do not exist (except in the minds of over zealous science fiction shut-ins). Yes, believe it or not: The Matrix was a work of FICTION.

I keep asking myself: why is it that so many people hate feminism, and yet it is everywhere you go? Why is it that so many people see how clearly biased things are against men, and yet nobody does anything about it?

The answer to these questions and permutations thereof is also simple:

The assault against those things has already been polluted by clever people (Mentally Retarded Asswipes - MRA's) who are "attempting" to make those who stand against them look like total fools.

They are succeeding.

Why would any man in his right mind join a group of people who appear to be a motley crew of nerdy science fiction shut-ins?

This is why we constantly are beaten over the head with the "red-pill" "blue-pill" analogy in the Mental Retard Movement (MRM). It is a clever rouse to discredit those who stand against feminist injustice.

Keep up the good work sh*t-heads. I am tracking you down like dogs as you read this.


And do not worry, I realize that many MRA's have a sincere desire for justice and truth. However, there are a small few (very clever and evil people) who are misleading those people into making themselves look like fools.
It is that small few that I am hunting down (I have already hired private investigators to find out who EXACTLY these people are, and their COMPLETE background).
Be afraid. Be very afraid.