Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to Talk Like a Complete FAG

Instead of calling yourself a dude: man: or guy: refer to yourself as an MRA/MHRA/MGTOW/INCEL/FAG.

Whenever you see men not acting like prissy stuck up woman hating faggots: call them names like “White Knight” or “Mangina”.

If you see a man coming onto a woman: call him a “pussy beggar”.

If you encounter a man that is straight and enjoys sex: call him a “vagina worshipper”.

Instead of claiming that women have become filled with venomous male hatred: claim that women raping men is in fact: a serious societal crisis.

Claim you support men’s rights: like a retard: then claim you want to see other men who disagree with your opinions get ass raped in prisons.

Rehash feminist ideals while claiming to be opposing them.

When some teenager gets lucky with his hot female teacher: scream bloody murder: sex is dirty!

Watch or read Paul Elam’s feminist bullshit.

Thumb up every video that Something That Looks Kind of Like a Girl Writes What videos on YouTube: even though all she is doing is tiredly rehashing what many men have already said. After all: she is a woman: so it is somehow more valid when she it says it.

Talk endlessly about hunter gatherer societies and other bullshit you read about in books written by fuzzy sweater academics who never actually saw or experienced such societies.

Mention wooly mammoths frequently: and how they give you a boner.

Yes: you too can talk like a total FAGGOT.

Practice, practice, practice.

In no time: you’ll be a prissy heterosex-hating fag and a proud member of the man-o-sphere fag-o-sphere.