Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MRA's ARE Feminists

There is no difference: and it is becoming more and more clear.

The reason that feminism is so prolific: is that: the people fighting are doing nothing of the sort: they are in fact enforcing it even more.

I stumbled on this at mantits place:
The little kid from Sex Trek the next Penetration: Wil Wheaton said this about the faggot MRA's:

The Men’s Rights crowd are the biggest bunch of idiots I have ever accidentally noticed in my life.

Amen brother Wheaton: Amen.

One MRA's response: from the picture above:

Wil Wheaton has never had to live life as a regular man.  He has never been treated by women as a regular man.  He IS a privileged white male.  All those things that feminists say that white men have that we recognize are actually really only reserved for RICH white men?  Well.  He's a rich white male.  So.  What do you expect?  Perspective?  LOL.  He has media to sell and pussy to pander to for approval, hanglowstankin, and profit.

When feminists were rejected by women: or by men: their response would be no different.

You don't understand because you are privileged.

The ass clown also bashes him: assuming he is straight: is he straight: or is he gay?

This is typical white heterosexual male hatred at work.

It is coming from the MRM: not feminism.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to Talk Like a Complete FAG

Instead of calling yourself a dude: man: or guy: refer to yourself as an MRA/MHRA/MGTOW/INCEL/FAG.

Whenever you see men not acting like prissy stuck up woman hating faggots: call them names like “White Knight” or “Mangina”.

If you see a man coming onto a woman: call him a “pussy beggar”.

If you encounter a man that is straight and enjoys sex: call him a “vagina worshipper”.

Instead of claiming that women have become filled with venomous male hatred: claim that women raping men is in fact: a serious societal crisis.

Claim you support men’s rights: like a retard: then claim you want to see other men who disagree with your opinions get ass raped in prisons.

Rehash feminist ideals while claiming to be opposing them.

When some teenager gets lucky with his hot female teacher: scream bloody murder: sex is dirty!

Watch or read Paul Elam’s feminist bullshit.

Thumb up every video that Something That Looks Kind of Like a Girl Writes What videos on YouTube: even though all she is doing is tiredly rehashing what many men have already said. After all: she is a woman: so it is somehow more valid when she it says it.

Talk endlessly about hunter gatherer societies and other bullshit you read about in books written by fuzzy sweater academics who never actually saw or experienced such societies.

Mention wooly mammoths frequently: and how they give you a boner.

Yes: you too can talk like a total FAGGOT.

Practice, practice, practice.

In no time: you’ll be a prissy heterosex-hating fag and a proud member of the man-o-sphere fag-o-sphere.

Friday, May 10, 2013

What is a Humanist?

Here is the definition straight from Wikipedia:

"Humanism is a group of philosophies and ethical perspectives which emphasize the value and agency of human beings, individually, and collectively, and generally prefers individual thought and evidence (rationalism, empiricism) over established doctrine or faith (fideism)."

So: the MRM: or at least parts of it: are now calling themselves MHRM or some shit like that.

This is no surprise: they have simply come out of the closet with their battlecry: "Mine is the absolute right"

As any idiot knows: science is always right about everything: it is not like it is a bunch of eggheads making wild guesses at how things work: or how things were: no sir!

Science is always correct: Science says there is no God: if you believe in God: you are flawed: you are not a "Humanist": and therefore do not support "humans": you evil bad nasty person you (didn't the feminazis say this at one point?)

There is so much wrong with this: I cannot even begin.

The current established doctrine is not "faith": the current established INdoctrine is political correctness.

Most faiths and their moral values guarantee that humans will be valued.

I have said this before: I will say it again: just as the feminist sought to destroy organized religion: the MRMs are now going to have a go at it too.

The MRM or MHRM is 4th wave feminism.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Watch the Video that MRAs Don't Want you to REALLY Pay Attention To

Watch the above video carefully and all the way through: notice that the woman is a typical bitch.
What MRAs do NOT want you to notice: is that she is claiming that feminisms goals and the MRMs goals are the same.

MRAs would have you believe that they are drowning her out because she is a feminist: and they are being truthful about that: her words are very dangerous to them: especially if you hear them and compare them to what MRAs often say

What they do not want you to hear: is her criteria for a social movement: it is in fact nearly identical to what the MRMs criteria is.

Do not believe me: watch it and soak in her words: then go read some MRA blogs

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Darth Elam now Threatening to Give Men Blow Jobs

That fucking wacky ass Darth Elam has hit a new low.

To quote: "Most men are one blowjob away from becoming feminists".

What Darth Fucktard Elam does not understand is that no matter how many blowjobs he gives other men: most of them will not become feminists.

Somebody should really straighten him out.

I did read one article called: "Tits, Ass and Fucktards" or something like that.

At first: I thought it was going to be an honest criticism of members of A Voicy Fucktarded Man's website.

I was disappointed.

Perhaps I'll write my own article criticising the MRM.

I'll call it: "Boobs, Asses and Fucktards"

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The MRM (Mental Retard Movement) and "Traditionalism"

Traditionalism does not exist.

It exists only in the minds of those who speak of it: and takes the form of whatever academic (i.e. non-realistic, hypothetical, sponge-headed, reclusive and isolated) stance the writer or speaker wishes.

I offer an example for your mind: Feminists believed that "Traditionalism" was women being hand-cuffed to stoves: not being allowed to have jobs: not being allowed to vote: not being allowed to own land.

All of those are false.

Notice now: that the "head cheeses" in the MRM (Mental Retard Movement) have defined "traditionalism" using their own empty-headed philosophies.

To them: it is near kindred to what the feminists thought: only it casts men into the role of perpetual victim instead of women.

Yes: there can be no denying this: the MRM (Mental Retard Movement) hates "traditionalism".

OK: you are right: and I am wrong: the MRM (Mental Retard Movement) does not hate "traditionalism": just as feminists do not hate rape.  The dark fact is: they love it.

Without "traditionalism": the MRM (Mental Retard Movement) would have no excuse to bash right wing politics: just like the feminazi's did.  The feminazi's love rape: because without it: they cannot bash men and cast themselves as victims: they love domestic violence for the same reasons.

I'll give these morons credit where credit is due: they get to kill two birds with one stone: they suggest that "traditionalism" was bad for men: and that only "right-wing" people: or conservatives: actually uphold it.


Men and Women on both sides of the political spectrum support "traditionalism".  This is because there is no such thing.  "Traditionalism" takes whatever form the speaker or writer wishes it to take.

Therefore: a feminist will hate "traditionalism" because they believe it meant women being chained to stoves while somebody who has a more "romanticized" cerebration of it will be a rabid supporter of it.

A Mentally Retarded Asswipe will hate "traditionalism" because they have read essay after essay in the "man-o-sphere" claiming it is a bad thing: and only "conservatives" (i.e. right-wing people: republicans) actually support it.

So: we see a repeated theme in the Mental Retard Movement:

"Traditionalism" is bad.
Conservatives are bad for supporting it.

Feminists were EXACTLY the same way: they hated "conservatism" because of "traditionalism".  Their definition of traditionalism was based on their own HER-story revisions of it.  We now see the same thing happening in the MRM: a hatred of "conservatism" or right-wing politics (i.e. republicans) because of "traditionalism": something that is ill defined in 500+ word essays I'd like to wipe my ass with.

The whole thesis of my blog: the MRM is 4th wave feminism.

Every essay that appears in the man-o-sphere re-enforces this: Fidelbogus, Darth Elam, and many other "head cheeses" have all bashed traditionalism and right-wing politics.  This is exactly what the feminists did.

I am glad I am not into taking "red pills": otherwise: I'd be running around: pretending to be against feminism: while my every word and action would simply reinforce the fact that I was a feminist.

I offer this link to a book written by two authors from the MuffingtonBoast.

My message to anybody calling themself an MRA:

Try thinking for yourself: instead of letting pill-popping morons do it for you.

ALSO: it is my understanding that over at the Death Star (avfm), many of the writers are now admitted lesbians who were sexually traumatized at a young age (something that looks like a girl writes squat, and typhon blue: just to name two).

You idiots in the MRM need to wake up and realize what has happened to you:  you are now supporters of feminism: and you are being led by the same queer bitches that led feminism.