Saturday, April 27, 2013

Watch the Video that MRAs Don't Want you to REALLY Pay Attention To

Watch the above video carefully and all the way through: notice that the woman is a typical bitch.
What MRAs do NOT want you to notice: is that she is claiming that feminisms goals and the MRMs goals are the same.

MRAs would have you believe that they are drowning her out because she is a feminist: and they are being truthful about that: her words are very dangerous to them: especially if you hear them and compare them to what MRAs often say

What they do not want you to hear: is her criteria for a social movement: it is in fact nearly identical to what the MRMs criteria is.

Do not believe me: watch it and soak in her words: then go read some MRA blogs

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Darth Elam now Threatening to Give Men Blow Jobs

That fucking wacky ass Darth Elam has hit a new low.

To quote: "Most men are one blowjob away from becoming feminists".

What Darth Fucktard Elam does not understand is that no matter how many blowjobs he gives other men: most of them will not become feminists.

Somebody should really straighten him out.

I did read one article called: "Tits, Ass and Fucktards" or something like that.

At first: I thought it was going to be an honest criticism of members of A Voicy Fucktarded Man's website.

I was disappointed.

Perhaps I'll write my own article criticising the MRM.

I'll call it: "Boobs, Asses and Fucktards"