Friday, September 7, 2012

Spot on Again...

"This is why the so-called Men’s Rights movement is not so much a rights movement as a take-away-other-people’s-rights movement."

Words more true were never typed.

That came from David Futrelle. I would trust him to be in charge of men and their rights before I'd trust any Mentally Retarded Asswipe.

Don't believe me?

Check out this video from John the Other: a well known butt-buddy of Darth Elam. Yes: John the Mother is fighting for your right to NOT be religious:


He is fighting against the Christian religion: just like the feminists from days of old did.

Attention to my 3 serious followers: I am digging up old feminist essays: and I will be comparing them to modern day Mentally Retarded Asswipe essays.  You will find that the similarities are shocking: especially since none of you have brains.


  1. I agree. I am seeing this more and more.

    This is not a pro-men movement, it is an atheist/left-wing apologist movement.

    Fuck all of it.

    It is just another garbage can filled with trash.

  2. Notanmra & Scarecrow:
    I'm not an atheist or a leftist either; but to be fair, 99% of what I read from the 'Christian' side of the MRM is stuff like: 'The Bible Teaches Game' 'All Christians Must Learn Game' and what I'm really seeing is more of a PUA movement in the American MRM than anything else---regardless of political or religious orientation.

  3. @Eric - I'll buy that - but you are talking about the church - more specifically - some churches.

    You are not talking about the book.

    I do believe that the church has been "feministized", and hence, any bloggers frequenting such churches are going to reflect that fact.

    It just seems to me that the bigger guns out there are typically left wing - and more anti-christian than they are pro-atheist.

    I am sick of people defending others for saying stuff that has nothing - and I mean NOTHING to do with the hatred of men.

    Let's not forget what the gasoline was that was poured onto the fire.

  4. So you listen to nuts eric: big deal. You selectively choose to read a heap of dirty laundry: now you whine about it. it was my impression that puas are not mras and flippity flip flip fuckity fuck fuck. Go eat another bowl of alphabet soup you fuck. maybe youll get mgtow or nawalt.

    yes richard: left wing atheist apologists: they are now comparing feminism to religion. you and i know this will be an epic fail don't we.

    feminism is a political movement.

    you could say that people have exploited various religions over the years to make them political movements: but if you are a true believer: you cannot say they are woman-made piles of shit.

    these atheist faggot loving fucks created feminism: now they want us all to believe that there is no such thing as a faggot with a 'you go girl' attitude.

  5. oh shit: I noticed that richard is talking about fire and gasoline. that means he has his wang out of his pants again.

  6. notanmra: Your obsession with "MRA" and "MRM" is totally misplaced.

    These things are fictional constructs of your mind, and nothing more.

    You are very much like a feminist in that way.

  7. Fidelbogen: you crazy bastard! You are the funniest person here: your post just made me laugh so hard I spit out my morning gin.

    Keep em coming!!!!