Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Manboobz: More in the Corner of Boys than Mentally Retarded Asswipes (MRA's)

Any spinached chin old fart that suggests that 14 year old boys are somehow capable of seducing them is with no doubt: a complete faggot.

It turns out: that David Futrelle actually caught a comment by such a faggot and posted about it on his shit hole of a blog.

In it: he sites an interview with Father Benedict Groeschel:
Father Benedict Groeschel actually said some very inflammatory things.  Some examples include:

Referring to Jerry Sandusky as "That poor guy": poor referring to being caught.

He also claims that young boys will often seek a father figure if they did not have one of their own: which leads to kissing and hugging: and eventually it goes to far or something like that.

Can any Mentally Retarded Asswipes call this man any of the following:

White Knight
Pussy Beggar
Vagina Worshipper
Alpha Thug

Of course not.  Mentally Retarded Asswipes (MRA's) only bash heterosexual men: something that the FAGGOT in the picture above is clearly NOT.

As for the altar boys that has their asses raped by some spinached chin faggot: according to the Mental Retard Movement (MRM), the only important thing is that those boys not be circumcised (the bible instructs that infant boys be circumcised).  We all know how bad circumcision is: after all: only the patriarchal religions practice it: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

Just as the feminazi's were trying to rid the world of those patriarchal religions: so is the Mental Retard Movement (MRM).

By all means: do not take my word for it: Just watch John the Mother Fucker on YouTube, or that dike-looking bitch Girls Writes Twat.

The MRM is fourth wave feminism.  All the same goals and ambitions as the previous three waves.

One of those goals is to destroy the patriarchal religions.

I do not know why they even bother: with faggots like the one above running those religions: they are doomed anyway.

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  1. Stop projecting your shit on the MRM Stuey.

    Your use of words like faggot and retard are very telling.

    Futrelle is doing the best he can while subsisting on a diet of cat food and dumpster diving discoveries.

    So Groeschel made a couple of gaffs, so what? Even a vulture would have stopped the feeding frenzy by now.