Saturday, April 27, 2013

Watch the Video that MRAs Don't Want you to REALLY Pay Attention To

Watch the above video carefully and all the way through: notice that the woman is a typical bitch.
What MRAs do NOT want you to notice: is that she is claiming that feminisms goals and the MRMs goals are the same.

MRAs would have you believe that they are drowning her out because she is a feminist: and they are being truthful about that: her words are very dangerous to them: especially if you hear them and compare them to what MRAs often say

What they do not want you to hear: is her criteria for a social movement: it is in fact nearly identical to what the MRMs criteria is.

Do not believe me: watch it and soak in her words: then go read some MRA blogs


  1. I watched this, and to be honest, I did not think that the men in the crowd were trying to drown her out.

    It seems like she was trying to drown them out.

    However; your point is taken. Her agenda and the list she was screaming about seems to be coherent with much of the MRM agenda. Or I guess it is the Men's Rights HUMANist agenda or whatever now.

    Tis totally fucking lame - and so are most of the people involved.

  2. That chick reminds me of the women I see and hear on the subway every day.

    But if Dizzy Dean Esmay, Erin Prizzey, or the rest of the AVfM crew published such a list, no doubt it would be roundly applauded. It sounds a lot like Esmay's recent 'Manifesto for Mens Rights'.

    1. @eric - dang - I just looked that up - I really wish NotAnMRA had left his original manifesto up.

      He received death threats over it...

      NotAnMRA is one of the people I introduced to this movement. He was immediately turned off to it after reading a few "MRA" blogs.

      He wrote some points, and I mailed them to leading "MRA's" or anti-feminists.

      Dr. Rookh had some good things to say about the e-mails I sent - but that was all.

      As I recall, Paul did not respond to them.


      Too chicken shit!!!!