Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An Excellent Example of how to "Invalidate Oneself"

This guy made a video from his parent's basement on YouTube that I watched:

He makes some of the most noteworthy points I have ever seen in it: some may be hokey: but the points are made nonetheless (please take note, I watched the video a while back, and it was removed then re-posted: the times might be different).

@8:20: I never take a woman's violence seriously: usually I cannot keep a straight face.

Fundamental flaw in the video that I spotted (forgive me Mentally Retarded Asswipe dudes for providing an objective analysis):
The woman was actually saying: "Ow that hurts" when people interacted.

The man being hit never complained about being in any discomfort.

I wonder: what if the man being hit had cried out for help, or complained about how much discomfort he was in? Would people have helped him? I would have.

And, in all fairness to the Mentally Metarded Asswipe that made the video: @9:20: The woman who approaches the couple says: "everyone wants to call the cops on you guys": she does not tell the abusive women: "everybody wants to call the cops on you LADY". She then offers to help the woman doing the abusing: she makes no complaint about the woman's violent behavior.

the ignored gender of course make no mention of this either...

@11:30: the woman interviewed who watched the woman hitting the man says: "They should not be hitting one another". Even though the man never hit the women. She then continues saying: "I was concerned for both of their safety". Bullsh*t lady.

What can we learn from this video: f***ing nothing. I just wasted 13 minutes of my life: and if you followed it along: so did you dumbf***.

However: the ignored gender is a Mentally Retarded Asswipe of sorts. Watch him invalidate himself with another video he made from his parent's basement:

That is a video all about holding doors open: yesiree: it is no wonder there is so much male hatred and so many biased laws today: there are many a white knight and mangina that hold doors open for women: oh those filthy filthy bastards.

He is a petty screwball fixated on holding doors open rather than valid issues.


It is no wonder people ignore him!


  1. So, just because he didn't scream out, people shouldn't help him?

    Does that mean that people who are mute should not be helped?

    That point was just lame.

  2. This whole blog disgusts me

  3. Nice comments on the video.

    Head over to's men's rights section and feel free to comment